The Power of Journalism Day is a new open arena to share, discuss, learn and talk about what we care about: the future of journalism. It is an international event, organized by Schibsted Media Group and the Tinius Trust.

TRUST was the topic of the first Power of Journalism Day, which took place in Oslo on 31 May 2017. Against the backdrop of fake news, journalism has come under heavy scrutiny and the sacred fundament of trust is under threat. The debate centered around how the craft of journalism can win the public's approval, focusing on the issue of trust.

"It's utterly disturbing that the chosen word to characterize the climate for public discourse in the world these days is "post-truth", said Torry Pedersen, Chairman of Schibsted's Media Houses in Norway and former publisher of VG.

"We hope that this will be an inspiring event and a true celebration of great journalism - but also a day when we address the challenges we face in a world of fake news and distrust", he added. "None of us have all the answers to the challenges, so we're getting together with peers in our industry".

Click to read more about why TRUST is important. Among the speakers were Emily Bell, Founding Director of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia Journalism School, Jenna Pirog, Virtual-Reality Editor at The New York Times Magazine, Bill Adair, Creator of PolitiFact, and Jari Bakken from See the streaming and videos from the event. 

In the videos below, you can find some of our experienced co-workers share their thoughts on TRUST.